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If you would like to join the guild, you will find all the information that you need in our Charter, which you should read carefully, along with all of the guild policies listed there.

Please note that we are now only accepting Ascendant Guardians of at least 15 ranks of experience. 

If you have any questions, feel free either to post them in our Visitors' forum or to contact  Randell privately.


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Welcome to the guildhall of the Order of Ascendant Vigilance, a company dedicated to furthering the causes of the Vigil in the land of Telara.

 We are recruiting!

Times have never been easy.  We have all of us proven that with our own deaths, prior to our Ascendance by will of the Vigil.  Now that we are returned, we have a duty to the land and to the come together in fellowship, to stand ready as guardians of the land and to resist those who would invade!  While life and breath remain and will permits!

"We must purge evil without hesitation. Ascended do not look the other way."  - Brother Jebiah, Ardenburgh.

What would be expected of you as a Recruit?  We'd want you to be happy and comfortable with the guild and with the guild's style.  Have a careful read of the key information that we set out. Most of this is common sense, but experience has taught us that it does need to be written out.

If you like what you see and hear, then fill out an application with our Guild Registrar.  We will respond to you as fast as our duties in Telara permit.  We aim for this to be within 48 hours at the very latest, dependent on frontline activity - if you are keen, then the last thing we want is for your enthusiasm to be frustrated through waiting about.

If you are waiting to hear about an application, do not forget to CHECK YOUR TELARAN MAILBOX! Officers will write to you using this system, addressing the letter to the name you supply in your application.


Ascendant Vigilance is a heavy roleplay guild on the Shadefallen server of RIFT and is founded on the principles of friendship, cooperation and fun.  It is themed as a semi-military, inclusive order of Ascended guardians.  Characters do not have to be military in style to fit in.

We are dedicated to enjoying all the elements that the game and marvelously rich community of Shadefallen have to offer: raiding (eventually!), questing, drinking, hunting, exploring, fending off Defiants and dealing with the planar incursions that threaten our land and people.   There will be raids.   There will be many roleplay events, social gatherings and groups where we stay as IC as the circumstances permit.

Roleplay events will range from festivals, competitions between bards/performers, puzzling and the like to semi-scripted events staffed by volunteers and run for everyone else to interact with spontaneously.

Are we what you're looking for? Broadly summed up:

We don't use L33T speech and abbreviations such as 'ur' or 'plz';

Our guildchat is 100% in character at all times, as is spatial conversation (/s).  As long as you abide by this, you can chat /ooc elsewhere as much as you like.  Nobody is going to descend upon you like a ton of bricks for /ooc chat as long as it's in the right places.  This makes us probably about 90% RP, but the exact amount is flexible.  If you want to be immersive, you can.  If you want to be more casual, you can.

/ooc chat is available in a custom guild channel, or via /tell

Beginning Roleplayers are welcomed and encouraged;

We do not tolerate griefing, lying, god-moding, OOC drama or any actions that would tarnish the good name of the guild;
Guild members are expected to play nicely and fairly, both with each other and with the wider community;

We encourage members to group within the guild and to engage with guild events and members; 

Grouping and eventually raiding will happen regularly but not in a hardcore life-consuming manner;
and last, but by no means least:




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We are recruiting. Check the Forums!

Judamacabee, Aug 9, 11 1:56 PM.
We are recruiting, and awaiting return on some members. Keep your chin up, and work together to get the guild back on its feet!
Ask Crixxus or Teli for info, and apply here, on the site.

Changes to the membership

Avarlith, Mar 27, 11 11:32 PM.
A warm welcome to new recruits Aedarys, Corvan and Mytheria.

Congratulations to our newly promoted Soldiers:  Cadoc, Leolani, Malidranis, Mohigan, Shaura, Syrenia and Teli.

Congratulations to our new Knights: Crixxus and Solanus.

Be it known also that as of this day, Lady Caressa, Knight of the Order, is considered to be a Sergeant-in-Training.  This training shall last until such time as her quests are completed.

Welcome, new Recruits.

Avarlith, Mar 20, 11 4:49 PM.
A warm welcome to Recruits Fallingwater, Syrenia and Dorbin.  Well met! 

Welcome to two more Recruits

Avarlith, Mar 18, 11 8:39 AM.
A warm welcome to master Malidranis Blackblade and miss Krelaye, who joined us last night.  

I hope you'll both find that this is the right home for you.


Avarlith, Mar 13, 11 9:55 AM.
Welcome to Leolani, who joined us last night and who shall be under the supervision of Captain Marrill.



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